Doggie DNA Testing

Will this trend of “humanizing” our pets ever die?

Doggie spas, doggie daycare, doggie fashion are all the rage, but now comes the latest with Doggie DNA testing. Oh yes, for the low low price of $99.95, you can find out what breeds comprise your mutt when you purchase the Canine Heritage XL Breed Test.

Swab your pup’s cheek and in four weeks you’ll know if your dog was the love child of a Chihuahua/Terrier or perhaps a Labrador/Poodle or any other combination of the 100 most popular breeds. The test is supposed to help you better understand your dog’s little quirks or unusual talents, as well as be ready with an answer the next time some nosy dog lover stops you at the dog park and asks “What kind of dog is that?”

But it’ll really help you out the day your dog announces he is leaving home to find his real parents . . .

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