Want To Save Your Carpet From The Dog Days Of Summer?

Tired of your puppy’s paws tracking filth onto an expensive rug or just-mopped floor every time they saunter into the house? Want to be able to clean the pooch’s paws without the hassle of dragging them into the bathroom? Sad for your beloved doggie every time they writhe in discomfort during a bath?

RadarOnline.com has unearthed the answer to all of the above questions: the PawPlunger, a device that cleans a dog’s paws in a soothing method comparably used to wash golf balls.

“It is a simple buy ingenious way to clean off dog’s paws after a romp in the dirt or mud,” Dr. Bonnie Brown, a New York-based veterinarian, said. “It is also an effective way to remove the ice and salt that is so irritating to their feet in the winter.”

The PawPlunger’s easy cleaning technique not only keeps the dogs clean, can also be used to administer medical treatment when necessary, according to. Brown said the PawPlunger is deep enough to cover the paws of all breeds, and the brush bristles are soft enough that it can be used for medicated shampoos and dips for dogs with foot infections.


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