VIDEO: Gerard Butler Jokes He’s Marrying Jennifer Aniston

Hunky actor Gerard Butler announced on late night television his plans to wed Jennifer Aniston next week.


Butler — who’s shooting shooting The Bounty with Aniston in New York — cleared the air with Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show Thursday night when Conan pried into his rumored relationship with Brad Pitt’s ex. 

“Yeah, we’re very much in love and especially her.   We’re actually going to tie the knot  next Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday …one of those days” Butler joked.  

Butler, whose new movie “The Ugly Truth” opens July 24th, went on to say that the following week, he’s planning to marry Cameron Diaz and later Joan Rivers

So what’s the truth on these claims? 

Watch the video for the whole ugly truth on ladies’ man Gerard Butler.

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