VIDEO: Adam Sandler On Va-jay-jays: “All I Want to Do Is Powder It”

Can you say “awkward”!  On Monday night’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, comedian Adam Sandler’s strange sense of humor left the audience and host Conan O’Brien speechless.

Upon congratulating Sandler on the addition to his family, the Funny People star declared his new view on va-jay-jays as a married father of two girls; “I don’t see women as sexual beings anymore.  When I see a va*#&!, seriously all I want to do is powder it.  I just don’t want them to get rashes. It’s nothing arousing about it.”

The audience gasped at the SNL veteran’s joke and Conan smiled politely but didn’t chime in, only saying “That’s great for you” and quickly moved on.

Watch the bizarre clip from the Tonight Show.

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