Twilight’s Peter Facinelli Admits to “Edward Envy”

While Peter Facinelli‘s Twilight character Carlisle Cullen is a big softie, the actor himself has no qualms in expressing his jealousy over Robert Pattinson‘s Edward.

It’s not RPattz’s killer looks or brooding charm — it’s the superpowers that Facinelli is after!

Facinelli admitted to so-called “Edward envy” at London’s Film and Comic Con on Sunday, where our blogger Laura got an earful of disclosure from the green-eyed hunk.

Click here for Laura’s full account of the panel with Faccinelli and costar Justin Chon

While Edward can read minds, climb trees and dominate with his superhuman strength, Dr. Cullen has no bells and whistles.

“Couldn’t I fly or something as well?” Facinelli complained.

“It’s not like I can go into the Volturi lair and smote them with my compassion all, ‘I am the most compassionate vampire in the world and am going to compassionize the hell out of you!'”

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