TV: Friday Hot List

You wouldn’t expect such drama to come out of the world of horse racing, but Animal Planet’s Jockeys certainly proves otherwise. The second season kicks off tonight as the jockeys all fight for a spot in the prestigious Kentucky Derby. This sets the stage for plenty of fighting, back-stabbing and high stakes emotion that you would sooner expect to see on a Bravo reality series!

On the other side of the reality show spectrum is an all-new episode of What Not To Wear. Tonight, Stacy and Clinton help a middle-aged woman dress slightly more appropriate for her age since she has a tendency to borrow clothes from her tween daughter’s closet!

And on the Food Networks newest hit Chefs vs City, Greg and Joey head to Chicago for their latest food off!

Sexiest: Celebrity Body Parts (E!)

Whale Wars  (Animal Planet)
Invitation Only: Reba (CMTV)
Eurerka (SyFy)
What Not To Wear (TLC)
Hard Rock Calling ’09 (VH1)

The Soup  (E!)
Jockeys (Animal Planet)
Making Over America With Trinny and Susannah (TLC)
Chefs vs City (Food)

Letterman – guest Christina Applegate (CBS)

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