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Sunday TV Hot List

In case you were looking for a reason to tune in to Merlin ladies, tonight you get one! Merlin is saved from a magical winged creature by one of Camelot’s young wanna-be knights. Some know him as Lancelot, but you will know him from Heroes as the Latin heartthrob who played the super smokin’ hot psychic artist, Santiago Cabrera! Seriously girls, it won’t even matter what else is happening onscreen… but I’m sure whatever it is will be good too!

On the season premiere of Ruby, our weight dropping gal pal, Ruby Gettinger (who lost over 100 of her 500-pounds last season) almost falls off the wagon and goes back to her old ways of emotional eating when she (SO SAD!) loses her dad. And as if that isn’t bad enough, her all-about-me ex-boyfriend shows up and won’t keep his hands to himself. The only thing that helps lift our inspirational heroines spirits is a night out to see Rascal Flatts in concert, but even that comes with it’s challenges. Truly the sweetest and most touching reality show we’ve seen to date!

And waaaay on the other side of the spectrum, we get to see a woman wig out and fire her bridesmaids on tonight’s episode of Bridezillas. She then insists on wearing 3 dresses to her reception… and in case you’re wondering, no, she’s not Mariah Carey!

Sunday Night Hot List

Merlin (NBC)
Dog the Bounty Hunter (A&E)

Bridezillas (WE)

Kendra (E!)
Army Wives (LIFETIME)
Jesse James Is a Dead Man (SPIKE)
18 Pregnant Schoolgirls (BBC)


(Photo: Nick Briggs/NBC)

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