Snow Leopards Enjoy Winter in Melbourne

Meo and Gobi, enjoy the snow on July 1, 2009. Melbourne Zoo’s snow leopards, including new cubs, Tashi and Gobi, Mom Meo and Dad Leon, woke up to a winter wonderland in their exhibits today. Mount Buller, Melbourne’s local ski resort provided 10 tons of fresh show to help the leopards get ready for the winter cold. The leopards also got a new playmate in the shape of a snow leopard ice sculpture. Mum ‘Meo’ came to Melbourne in June 2003 from her birthplace in the Stuttgart Zoo in Germany. Her mate Leon was born at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo in October 2001 and arrived at Melbourne Zoo in October 2007. Tashi and Gobi were born on December 7, 2008.


(BARM/Fame Pictures)

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