ScarJo: No Competition With Husband, Paltrow

Scarlett Johannson is mighty secure within herself, especially for such a prominent actress.

The star laughingly cleared up rumors about on-set feuds and competitiveness at home during an Iron Man 2 panel at this weekend’s Comic-Con.

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In regards to husband Ryan Reynolds, who will play The Green Lantern for DC Comics’ big screen adaptation, ScarJo was asked if it was uncomfortable in the home as she’s now super hero muscle for Marvel Comics.

“We’re living  in two completely different universes,” she says, noting the conflicting publishers instantly diffuse tension, “never the two shall meet, I would say.”

Outlets, bloggers and fans of the Robert Downey Jr.-starring hit also Tweeted that, during a panel discussion with its stars, Johannson indicated there was no truth to a rumored feud between she and glamorous Gwyneth Paltrow.

(Photo:Splash News)

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