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Rob & Kristen Dodge Romance Question & More Comic-Con Tidbits!

Taking a break from their non-Twilight filming, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reunited in San Diego on Thursday for Comic Con to unleash New Moon onto the world. With reporters, photographers, and fan capturing every possible stolen glance, the two stars once again dodged those pesky romance questions.

When asked about a possible romantic relationship between the two, the studio (who requested people refrain from asking personal questions) stepped in to cut the reporter off. Stewart laughed at the question and only offered an “are you kidding me?”

She was more open when talking about the movie and her character Bella.

“This movie is not about discovery or falling in love,” Stewart said. “Bella is basically manic-depressive.” When asked about any changes she may have gone through, she pointed out the obvious: “I cut my hair off.”

Pattinson also jumped in on the conference fun calling New Moon “one of the most relaxing jobs I’ve ever done” and offered that the film is “a completely different mood” than the first film.

Taylor Lautner also revealed a movie teaser: “There’s double the action in this movie.”

So what was Pattinson’s reaction to the romance rumors? The British hottie kept the talk to their characters.

“Bella ends up saving Edward like she does in every book,” Pattinson said. “I find it funny that the hero is always being saved by the damsel in distress.”