The Promethean: Michael Jackson Going Out Bold In Gold

It isn’t often you see a coffin like this.

The casket that will house the late Michael Jackson for the rest of eternity is, unsurprisingly, a final show of the over-the-top luxury the singer was known for.

Jackson’s casket, named the Promethean, was made by the Batesville Casket Company, which is based in Jackson’s home state of Indiana. The Promethean, according to the company, is a custom-made design which sells for $25,000. The coffin is composed of solid bronze plated with 14-carat gold; the inside of the box is lined with royal velvet arrangements.

The extravagant casket is the same model which another musical legend, James Brown, was buried in three years ago. Jackson was so enamored with it at Brown’s funeral, he ordered the same model for himself, the New York Daily News reported.

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