NEW PICS: Debbie Rowe On The Ranch

New photos have surfaced of Michael Jackson‘s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, on her Southern California ranch.

As a firestorm brews around the custody of the late pop star’s children, the nurse quietly tended to her horse on Thursday. Rowe says she is the biological mother of Jackson’s two oldest children.

Click for more shots of Rowe on her ranch.

Thursday was an intense day for Rowe—the blonde broke her silence for the first time and told an NBC reporter that she wants custody of her two children, Prince Michael and Paris.  In a press conference with reporters later in the day, however, they said Rowe had not decided whether or not to seek custody and by the end of the day there was even more confusion surrounding Debbie Rowe and the entire Jackson saga.

The children currently remain in the care of Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother.

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