NEW PHOTOS: Ryan O’Neal Copes At Beach Home

A grieving Ryan O’Neal was snapped walking the beach in Malibu, Ca. on Friday, taking in the scene around his seaside home as he struggles with the recent death of Farrah Fawcett.

Arm-in-arm with a young girl who is believed to be family (who attended the funeral of the Charlie’s Angel star), O’Neal looks tanned and rested in casual shorts and a white t-shirt.

While O’Neal wore a gold band on his ring finger to Fawcett’s service, likely as a tribute to their plans to marry before her death from anal cancer, the actor’s hands were free of jewelry.

In an interview with People magazine on Wednesday, O’Neal indicated his pride in son Redmond, currently incarcerated.

“I’m so proud of Redmond and the strength and resolve he is showing since his mother’s death,” O’Neal said.

Fawcett was 62.

(Photo:Splash News)

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