Never Heard Jackson Recordings May Be Released

Michael Jackson’s millions of fans around the world can look forward to hearing a mountain of unreleased recordings which are being kept in a vault by Sony Music. The material includes tracks that never made it on to some of the performer’s albums plus recent recordings done with Senegalese R and B singer and producer Akon and Black Eyed Peas front man Will. I. Am.

It is expected that both Sony and the Jackson family will rake in millions of dollars by releasing the music as demand for his recordings has skyrocketed since his death.

“There are dozens and dozens of songs that did not end-up on his albums,” revealed music mogul Tommy Mottola who was in charge of Sony from 1998 to 2003.

“People will be hearing a lot of that unreleased material for the first time ever – there’s just some genius and brilliance in there.”

The performer merged his music catalog with Sony Music in a joint venture worth a reported $600 million in 1997. This deal was then reportedly re-negotiated in 2007 to help the star with his soaring financial difficulties.

His catalogue – ATV Music Publishing – also includes some 250 Beatles songs as well as recordings by Elvis and Little Richard.
Since Jackson’s death last Thursday there has been an incredible demand for his music around the world which Sony Music owns the distribution rights too.

Three of his albums Number Ones, Essential Michael Jackson and Thriller were the best selling of the week with 2.3 million Jackson tracks being downloaded in the US alone. He was understood to have been working on new material to prepare for the 50 concerts slated for London’s O2 arena.

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