The Mystery Of Michael Jackson’s Burial

It is only fitting that in death Michael Jackson should be just as mysterious as he was in life.

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After Tuesday’s moving memorial service at Staples Center in Los Angeles, rumors and reports are flying about where the King of Pop will – and will not – be buried.

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It was widely expected that Jackson would be buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery. His family held a private ceremony there Tuesday morning.

But now sources say Jackson will not be buried there. And that’s where the mystery and intrigue begins.

One source says Jackson will be cremated and have his ashes spread across Neverland. (Regulations prevent him from being buried there.) Another source claims that Jackson is going to be buried in a cemetery outside of Los Angeles. And other sources still maintain that he will be buried at Forest Lawn.

Interestingly enough, Forest Lawn cemetery- where Jackson’s body had been since his death- was listed as only a temporary location for his body. His final resting place has yet to be officially determined.


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