Mischa Barton Under Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

After weeks of speculation about Mischa Barton’s newly filled-out figure (and face), news has surfaced that the Los Angeles police department placed her under a 5150- or an involuntary psychiatric hold- and transferred to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Wednesday night according to Access Hollywood.

Authorities had responded to her home after receiving a non-911 call around 3 pm earlier that day. The patrol car who responded to the scene then began assisting the actress with a “medical issue.”

Read about police at Barton’s home

A 5150 allows authorities to hold a person involuntarily if it is deemed they present a danger to themselves or other, are gravely disabled or suffer from a mental disorder. Barton can be held in the hospital for up to 72 hours.

Following her 2007 drug overdose on Memorial Day, a close friend of Barton’s lamented: “This girl is going to end up arrested, in rehab or dead if she doesn’t get it together. She is on a path to destruction and nobody can seem to get through to her.”

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