Miley Cyrus Admits to Crush on Zac Efron

Move over Nick Jonas, Miley Cyrus has got her eye on another heartthrob. Cyrus spent Tuesday afternoon gushing over Zac Efron.

“Me and mom are seriously sitting here staring at Zac Efron on Google images,” she wrote on her Twitter page. “Girls I totally get it! He is gorgeous!”

Miley, 16, who is rumored to be back together with Jonas, was apparently tweeting from her sick bed. Earlier today she wrote, ““Uh oh :( miley doesn’t feel good…. My throat hurts so bad.”

It looks like mom and daughter are getting in some good quality time together—and it looks like Mama Tish also appreciates Mr. Efron’s charm and…uh…well charm.

But who’s judging? We couldn’t agree more! Just don’t tell Nick!–and probably Vanessa Hudgens.

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