Madonna’s Fashion Tragedy: Dolce & Gabbana trade her out for Mendes

Last week after Madonna‘s concert in Milan (but before her stage tragically collapsed and killed two stage hands) the Material Girl served as the arm candy and muse to designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana at her after-party, sporting a black and white leopard print ruched stretch satin number by the design duo.

After Madonna and her drama left Italy — the famed designers were out flaunting some new arm candy in the flavor of Miss Eva Mendes.

Opting for a softer and more casual approach as a muse than Madge, Mendes strolled with the design pair in a white eyelet number of their creation.

Who do Dolce & Gabbana like better?

The answer is in the threads, folks!

Mendes. Not because she is younger and more beautiful– but rather, because she is decidedly a more low-maintenance date.

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