Katherine Jackson Still Trying To Gain Control of Michael’s Estate

Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine filed court papers Friday in a renewed attempt to gain control of her son’s estate.

Read the court papers here

Katherine lost an earlier bid to become administrator of the estate. John Branca and John McClain are executors and administrators of Michael’s estate. Jackson’s trust has a “no contest” clause which basically cuts out any individual who seeks to challenge his will.

The trust is not a public document but has been referred to in several public filings.

Michael’s mom apparently wants to continue her bid to control the estate but does not want to be in violation of the no contest clause. In the court papers filed Friday, Katherine wants to know if the court would deem it a violation of the no contest provision of the trust if she objects to the appointment of executors or requests the appointment of an executor or administrator.

What does it all mean? When you cut through the law-school gibberish Michael’s mom wants to be in control of her son’s estate and even though she’s lost in court before, she’s not done. But she’s being careful not to violate the no contest clause and the battle continues.

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