Kate Winslet Takes a Break From Acting…For Now

Fresh off of her recent Oscar win, Kate Winslet is taking a well-deserved break from the big screen. But it wasn’t entirely her decision!

“I always have the itch,” she told Harper’s Bazaar about the scripts lying around in her office. “But at the moment I am deliberately resisting it. I turned to my kids after the Oscars and said, I’m not going anywhere for awhile.”

With her husband, director Sam Mendes, currently at work on his own project, what is the stunning British beauty up to now? Learning French and (hopefully) unpacking her work bag from her days shooting The Reader.

“It’s still fully packed, which is very strange. I’ve never done that before.”

Asked about whether or not she would enjoy re-living her husband’s famous bed of roses scene from American Beauty, Winslet balks at the idea.

“I would laugh my head off.”

(Photo: Wire Image)

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