Jewel: Fashionably Two-Faced!

Stylicious country crooner Jewel hit up Vogue‘s year anniversary celebration for the Los Angeles 3.1 Phillip Lim boutique Wednesday night in a stunning, lace strapless mini number.

During a red carpet interview with PeopleTV, Jewel talked about Lim’s fabulous fashions touting their affordability.

“What I like about it, again is, it’s really fan friendly,” she said.

Said the singer: “My fans are like, ‘What is that? It is something they can go out and buy and they can afford. It’s not like some crazy high priced thing that — you know — they’re never going to get.”

In Hollywood, talk may be worth something, but in the rest of the world talk is cheap — a word certainly not applicable to the $4,065 fab-yet-super pricey Etro frock that Jewel was wearing to the event — we’re gathering a not so “fan-friendly” price tag.

While we adore Jewel’s stylish ways, she needs to stop the fashion hypocrisy and playing foolish games with her words.

After all, Jewel, all your fans really want want is pieces of you and your fashion Fabulosity.

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