VIDEO: Jermaine Jackson Upset Over “Michael-Bashing”

Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine, upset with media speculation implying his late brother was a drug addict, echoed a message to the media the late King of Pop himself bellowed 20 years ago: “Leave him alone.”

Jermaine asked in an appearance on French television this week: “What more do you have to do to make people realize he’s a human being and they need to leave him alone?”

He said that reports of the King of Pop’s alleged addiction to pain medication — and other substances you can’t find over-the-counter — strike him as false, based on his experiences with the late Thriller singer.

“I’ve never seen my brother have any abnormal behavior that was any substance that would cause that,” he said. “I’ve never seen that, so I would say no.”

Jermaine said, of an impending legal battle over Michael’s will, that said the will should be dispersed exactly stand as written, or “they’re not living out Michael’s wishes.”

Michael Jackson died after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest June 25 in Los Angeles.

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