Jada Pinkett Says Hollywood Helps Her Marriage

While many a famous couple has claimed the celebrity spotlight destroyed their romance, Jada Pinkett Smith says being in a Hollywood marriage is great for she and Will Smith.

“It’s helpful with the business that we have, because there’s times we have to be apart from each other, times that we get to go to exotic places together,” Pinkett tells the August issue of Shape magazine, which goes on sale July 20.

Pinkett and Smith have been wed for almost twelve years, a lifetime in show business! The Hawthorne star shared her secrets with the mag on how she keeps her relationship fresh.

“Staying in shape!” Pinkett laughs.

And as you can see from bikin-clad Pinkett on the cover of Shape, she’s doing an amazing job at keeping her body looking fantastic.

“The great thing about Will is, that he doesn’t really care. He’s one of those men that he finds beauty in all sizes, which is fantastic. But I do like to keep him on his toes.”

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