Extensions Are Out — Shaved, Cropped, & Bobbed Dos Are In!

From the hip-hop world to Washington’s elite, the leading ladies in fashion are shaving, crop-chopping and bobbing their manes all the way to the red carpet.

In April, R&B scenester Cassie took center fashion stage for shaving half-her head and posting pictures on her twitter.

The trend seems to have caught on, as a gaggle of beauties, in line like dominoes, have been reaching for the shears ever since.

On Friday, the reigning Carribean queen of hip-hop fashion, Rihanna, one-upped the young headshaver and did away with the hair on both sides of her head, stepping out sporting a cockatiel-esque high hair do.

Following suit, Ciara hit the red carpet at the Orphan premiere Tuesday with her new fab cropped do.

Heck, even the First Lady Of The United States is up on the latest hairstyle, bobbing it out in a politcally-conservative-yet sassy short style at a celebration of country music at the White House Tuesday!

Clearly extensions are out — and cropped, chopped, shaved, and bobbed is in!

Sorry Kardashian sisters, we love ya, but your long full locks are just so 2 months ago! Who knew Britney‘s head-shaving drama would kick off a trend two-and-a-half years after the fact!

Click here to see fashionable stars with shaved, cropped, and bobbed dos!

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