Friday TV Hot List

The battle of the late night giants is on… and it ain’t pretty folks! It seemed as if David Letterman was going to feel the heat when younger, hipper Conan O’Brien took over Late Show competitor, the Tonight Show, especially when Conan’s first couple of weeks dominated with a younger audience. But all that seems to be (strangely) slipping away. The past few weeks Letterman has given Conan an outright old school beating by nabbing all the hot guests and leaving O’brien with some pretty slim pickins. Case in point, this week’s lineup. While Dave boasted guests like Danielle Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Queen Latifah, and tonight’s guests Rainn Wilson and Maxwell, Conan scratched up Meredith Viera, Discovery Channel’s Andy Hillstrand (who?), comedian Al Madrigal (huh?) and Larry King (why?!?)!  I mean, come on! What’s up Co??? Even Late Night (Conan’s former home) hosted by  Jimmy Fallon is booking better guests (tonight he has Will Ferrell and Mos Def). As a Conan O’Brien fan, all I can say is… Tonight Show, pull it together! Otherwise come September when our redheaded stepchild is wedged up against Letterman and a 10 PM Leno, things are gonna get ugly!

On FOX’s, Mental, a patient comes back to the hospital with a worsening case of OCD and Tourette’s syndrome, and a wife who pushes the docs to give him a risky and unproven brain surgery, leading them to believe she’s got a few issues of her own. Plus a little sexual tension kicks in when Jack becomes smitten with a hot new neurosurgeon!

And for all you Entourage heads, starting at 8:00 check out a marathon of last season’s episodes for a little refresher before the new season starts up Sunday! Yes, all the boys will be back, including Jeremy Piven who is still a d**k both onscreen and off!

Notable mentions… Eddie Izzard, William Shatner and Lily Allen hang out on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Friday Night Hot List

Chopping Block (NBC)
Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? (FOX)
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (BBC)
Entourage (HBO) marathon

The Goode Family (ABC)

Mental (FOX)
Whale Wars (ANIMAL)
Eureka (SYFY) series return

The Soup (E!)

Late Show With David Letterman
Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

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