EXCLUSIVE: SWAT Team Transported Michael Jackson’s Body: Family Battled With Cops

A new bombshell development in the Michael Jackson story. Jackson’s family battled with LAPD over whether a black or white member of the SWAT Team would transport the body from Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, CA  to the Staples Center  in Los Angeles for the massive public memorial there on Tuesday, RadarOnline.com has learned.

Click here to see photos of Michael’s body transported to Staples Center.

It’s been reported that it was a member of the  Los Angeles SWAT Team who drove the hearse carrying Jackson’s body, but now, RadarOnline.com can report that the Jackson family specifically wanted an African American driver.  LAPD refused and Jackson family members were furious.  A white member of the SWAT Team was then assigned as the driver to take the body to Staples.

In addition, RadarOnline.com has learned that when the hearse left the Staples Center after Tuesday’s public memorial, there was no body in it. The hearse was a decoy to throw off the media.

Instead, six SWAT Team members – wearing full SWAT Team gear  —  transported  the body back to Forest Lawn.

As RadarOnline.com reported earlier, Jackson’s body is being kept in Berry Gordy’s crypt at Forest Lawn until a final decision is reached on where to bury the King of Pop.

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