EXCLUSIVE: Pregnant Nicole Richie Kept Waiting For Sushi

You would think that the combination of being a celebrity AND being pregnant would get you seated right away in star-crazed LA.


At least in the case of Nicole Richie, spotted Wednesday night by RadarOnline.com at Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya sushi restaurant. Wait, a pregnant woman eating sushi? Hold on, we’ll get there.

More interesting is the fact that Nicole and her four pals arrived at 8 p.m. (sans Joel) and were forced to wait 30 minutes. Sure the place was packed and they didn’t have reservations, but stars expect more in this town people! After a while we heard Nicole’s friends start to complain and worry that “someone might recognize her!”

Ha ha, right! We did!

Nicole pulled her hat a little lower (while we gobbled sushi) but no one recognized her, came up to her or even talked to her. She finally got seated and — calm down — the pregnant woman DID NOT eat sushi! She ordered hot water. We don’t know why. We just tell you what we see.

BTW, this is the second time in two weeks RadarOnline.com has spotted Nicole in a sushi restaurant not eating sushi. She must really be jonesing for it!

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