EXCLUSIVE: Peter Falk’s Daughter Says Her Stepmother Won’t Let Her Kids See Granddad

In the continuing sad saga of Peter Falk’s squabbling family, the actor’s daughter Catherine has gone back to the Los Angeles County Superior court to ask for a “clarification” regarding her visitation rights with her dad.

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Falk, 81, is suffering from dementia and is unable to care for himself.  His wife of 31 years Shera Danese Falk and daughter Catherine filed competing petitions for conservatorship of the Columbo star.  The court sided with Shera but gave Catherine “monitored” visitation.

In a July 16 filing obtained by RadarOnline.com, Catherine claims her children should be allowed to come with her on visits, something her stepmother is blocking.  She also wants the Court to order her dad’s estate – not she – to pay the cost of having a monitor on hand for the visits.

A hearing has been set for July 21.

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