EXCLUSIVE: Neighbor Describes Orlando Bloom Break-In

RadarOnline.com has exclusively talked to a neighbor of actor Orlando Bloom about the burglary in which an undetermined amount of cash and jewelry were stolen from his home in the Hollywood Hills.

The neighbor said she lives directly opposite from Bloom, and was awoken at around 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. Thursday by a tremendous amount of noise.

BREAKING NEWS: Relative Discovered Orlando Bloom’s Hollywood Hills Home Burglarized, Called Cops

“I could hear dogs barking and some other sounds, but I just thought it might be some coyotes because we have a lot of them right now,” the neighbor said. “Mr. Bloom has a burglar alarm just like mine because the same firm carries out our servicing — so I’m surprised there was a break-in.

She described Bloom as a reclusive neighbor.

“I love his work, but he is a quiet person who keeps himself very private — I don’t think he is here right now,” the neighbor said. “It is a shame this has happened, because this is a good neighborhood.”

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