EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson’s Body Moved; White Glove Placed In Casket

Michael Jackson’s casket has been moved from Berry Gordy’s crypt at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills to the basement of the main building at Forest Lawn, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Once word got out last week that Jackson’s body was inside the crypt, lookie-loos started showing up. The Jackson family was not pleased and ordered the casket to be place in the basement for security reasons, according to sources.

LaToya Jackson was in charge of her brother’s body and picked out everything he wore in the viewing casket, sources say. A white glove was
placed in the casket, but Jackson was wearing two black gloves, black pants beaded with black beads; a pearl-beaded white jacket he wore to the Grammys and an over-sized gold belt that resembled a championship boxing belt.  Embossed on the jacket were cherubs with large wings.

Jackson’s hair was styled with big curls.

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