EXCLUSIVE: John Branca Deposition Delayed

Katherine Jackson‘s request to have the executor of her late son’s will, John Branca, deposed on July 31st has been delayed, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

Michael Jackson‘s will was the subject of a deposition being sought by Katherine because she alleges Branca has yet to turn over her son’s AEG Live contract to her.

A source close to the situation says “the court put off Mrs. Jackson’s request to take depositions,” and that no further discoveries can be made until August 3.

The source is also sure that nothing pertinent is being kept from the singer’s mother.  

“The executors have no secrets,” the insider said.

“Any inference that we have not been forthcoming in providing information to Katherine Jackson’s attorneys is not accurate,” a spokesperson for the executors said.

“In his will Michael was very specific that his mother act as the Guardian of his children and that Mr. Branca and Mr. McClain be the Executors of his Will and Trustees of his Trust.”

Legally, Branca cannot release the contract to Jackson with AEG’s consent. The source says that Londell McMillan, Katherine’s attorney, will not agree to certain confidentiality agreements attached to viewing the document.

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