EXCLUSIVE: Hear The 911 Call! Cops Rush To Help Garth Brooks’ Half-Sister

For the first time, hear the 911 call made to Tulsa, Oklahoma cops after Garth Brooks’ half sister Harriet Smittie was seen running buck naked outside her home.

RadarOnline.com has exclusively obtained the call, which was made by a neighbor of Smittie’s.

The incident happened on April 26, and cops quickly determined Smittie wasn’t a threat to herself or anyone else; and was not arrested.

It turns out that Smittie, who once played in Garth’s band, is bipolar. She apparently was off her meds that day and was stressed out on a relationship turned bad.

Brooks, the 47-year-old country superstar with a big heart, rushed to his sister’s house to see if he could help her.

Brooks made the snap decision that Harriet needed to go to a local hospital for treatment.

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