EXCLUSIVE: Family Fights Over Michael Jackson’s Burial

The memorial is over, the tributes have been paid, but behind the scenes family members of Michael Jackson have been arguing over his final resting place.

Jermaine Jackson has stated he wants Michael’s final resting place to be Neverland, but local laws prevent burial on the private property.

It is possible that Michael could be cremated and his ashes spread over Neverland.

But Michael’s mother Katherine doesn’t want her son’s ashes or body anywhere near Neverland, a source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively.

“Michael left Neverland for good, never to return,” the source said. “He felt violated by law enforcement after his molestation trial. He felt this place he had built had been tainted. Katherine continues to be her son’s protector even after his death.”

The family pulled together for the tribute to Michael at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday. His body was driven away from Staples Center after the ceremony but it was unclear where it was headed and which family member had prevailed in the debate where to bury Michael.

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