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EXCLUSIVE: Erin Andrews Still “Shaken” and “Paranoid” After Peeping Tom Incident

Things are still amiss for EPSN correspondent Erin Andrews. In the wake of the release of footage videotaping her naked in a hotel room without her consent, Andrews is currently taking any means to put her life together. A source tells RadarOnline.com exclusively that the TV personality is trying to put on a brave face, but is privately struggling and has problems sleeping and feeling comfortable alone.

“She’s shaken and kind of paranoid,” the source said. “Everyone is very nurturing to her- which she appreciates- but you can tell the whole thing has devastated her. It’s all so reprehensible.”

Since the incident, security now does multiple sweeps of her rooms before entering and after leaving. She also fears being alone and has talked to a therapist.

ESPN Believes the Incident May Have Been an Inside Job and a Full Scale Investigation is Underway

As for business as usual at the network, the source adds that no one is allowed to talk about the scandal and doing so, particularly in Andrews’ presence of course, is considered grounds for dismissal.