EXCLUSIVE: ER Star Deezer D Is In ICU Following Heart Surgery

Deezer D, the rapper-turned actor who starred as Nurse Malik McGrath for 15 seasons on ER, had surgery Tuesday in Los Angeles to correct the same potentially deadly heart problem that killed John Ritter.

Deezer, whose real name is Dearon Thompson had to have his aorta replaced and a leaking heart valve replaced in a surgery that lasted six hours.

RadarOnline.com exclusively spoke with Deezer last Friday about the procedure.

“He’ll be in the ICU for the next two days,” a friend of Deezer’s told RadarOnline.com.  “It’s the watch-and-wait period now but if all goes well, he’ll be moved to a regular floor for another seven days.  Once his cardiologist gives the all clear, he’ll be home – but with no more cigars and no strenuous exercise for awhile.”

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