EXCLUSIVE: Grateful Deezer D Out Of Hospital After Major Heart Surgery

Deezer D is out of the hospital and happy to be alive.

The entertainer, who played Nurse Malik McGrath on NBC’s iconic medical drama ER, is out of the hospital after a six-hour surgery last week to correct potentially fatal heart problems (the same that killed funnyman John Ritter six years ago).

The actor, whose real name is Dearon Thompson, told RadarOnline.com, said that his colleagues from the defunct hospital drama were his base when his health problems — needing an aorta replacement and leaking heart valve fixed — surfaced.

“Most of the cast from ER supported me — Eriq La Salle, Noah Wiley were at my bedside before and after my surgery,” he said. “Shi McBride came and stayed with me and supported me.”

The actor profusely thanked his fan base for the moral support they provided via cards, letters and flowers.

“Thanks for all prayers and love, the entire experience made God more tangible in my life,” he said. “I just can’t explain in words what I felt.”

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