EXCLUSIVE: Debbie Rowe Files Lawsuit Against "Friend"

Debbie Rowe has filed suit against Rebecca White, who claimed that Rowe sent her an email saying she did not want custody of her children with Michael Jackson.

Watch Debbie Rowe’s call to the cops

White was also interviewed on a syndicated TV show and claimed to be friends with Rowe.

“Do I want the kids? Hell no,” White said Rowe wrote to her in an email. But in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Los Angeles Rowe says she is not friends with White and did not send her that or any other email. “The statements attributed by Ms. White to Ms. Rowe in said emails were fabricated by Ms. White and are false,” the lawsuit states.

RadarOnline.com has learned that this is not the first time Rebecca White has been accused of fabricating stories. She once worked as a personal assistant to Naomi Campbell and then later sold – or attempted to sell – several stories about celebrities to tabloids. Many of those stories were proven false. Story developing….

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