Britney And Her Sons Receive Death Threats – Exclusive Details

Britney Spears has received death threats against herself and her two sons. has learned exclusively that the threats were delivered both by email and by telephone.

One threat came via email and said that Britney would be shot when she arrived in Russia, where she is performing as part of her Circus tour. She played St. Petersburg on July 19 but did not take her children with her and she is scheduled to give a concert in Moscow on Tuesday.

A source close to the situation tells exclusively that she also received a phoned death threat on July 16 in her hotel in Stockholm. Police were immediately called to investigate. The caller threatened to shoot Britney and her sons, Sean 3, and Jayden, 2.

Britney scrapped plans to fly to Russia with the boys and ex-husband Kevin Federline. learned she flew alone by private jet to her July 19th performance. She was surrounded by amped up security and flew back to Sweeden after the concert.

Britney’s security team has been working with law enforcement to trace the threats.  Meanwhile she changed hotels to protect her sons.

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