Cameron Diaz Taps Into Her Dark Side

The world may be used to seeing Cameron Diaz as a sweet and bubbly blonde, but the actress is starting to show off a little of her edgier side. In her newest photo shoot, Diaz sports some sexy tattoos as she dons a Madonna-esque triangular bra and puffs on a cigarette.

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Gracing V Magazine’s “The Beauty Issue”, the actress opens up about her laid back attitude towards having kids and how at 36 she’s completely comfortable with where she is in life.

“I don’t declare either way if I’m going to have children. I don’t know what will happen,” she tells the magazine. “And I’m totally fine with that.”

Diaz is currently gracing the big screen in My Sister’s Keeper, the Nick Cassavetes drama in which she plays a mother caring for her dying child against all odds.

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