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BREAKING NEWS: Katherine Jackson Files New Court Action To Take Over Michael’s Estate

Katherine Jackson has formally filed a petition with the court to be appointed as administrator of her son Michael Jackson’s estate. She is petitioning under the Independent Administrations Estate Act.

Court papers surfaced Wednesday and were filed in the matter by both Katherine and Joe Jackson, but only Katherine is requesting to be placed in charge of Michael Jackson’s estate.

Click here to read the court papers

A hearing is set for August 3rd, to determine who will be executor of the estate. Michael appointed John Branca and John McClain as executors in his 2002 will. They have also been named administrators over a previous court challenge by Katherine.

Michael’s will has a “no contest” charge, meaning anyone who contests it automatically gets cut out.

On July 17, Katherine filed court papers seeking a determination if she could contest various provisions of Michael’s trust without triggering the “no contest” clause.

Click here to read those papers

Despite those papers, her lawyer Londell McMillan issued a statement on July 20 saying that Katherine was not challenging the will.

Read the lawyer’s statement here

But it is clear that Katherine is still trying to get control of the estate, one way or another, without triggering the “no contest” clause in Michael’s trust.