Yet Another Single Ladies Video: Jonas Brothers Edition!

Further perpetuating the viral campaign that won’t die (not that we mind), Beyonce‘s Single Ladies can pin another parody to its leotard, starring Joe Jonas.

On the Jo Bro’s official YouTube channel this morning, the band explained that in celebration of the two-week countdown to their album release they decided to post a “long-awaited and long-requested” clip of Joe in a skin-tight bodysuit.

While his lyrics are jumbled and his choreography not as spot-on as Justin Timberlake or thousands of civilian interpretations–it’s All Jonas.

Sadly, the best part of the production isn’t visible throughout: Joe’s fierce black pumps.

Briefly flashing the shoes at the beginning of the clip, Joe works the non-stop moves for four minutes before panting at the end, “It’s hard in heels.”

Just ask  Beyonce, Joe.

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