WORLD EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kate Gosselin’s Brother Begs Her: “Give Your Kids Their Childhood Back”

Their relationship is clearly strained, but Kevin Kreider has a heartfelt message for his sister, Kate Gosselin, who’s embroilled in a scandalous divorce from her husband Jon.

In an exclusive new interview with, Kevin begins by saying: “First of all, we want to tell Jon and Kate we love them. Kate is my sister and I do love her very much.”

Kevin and his wife Jodi –who used to appear on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 until a falling out with their sis –say their first focus is on their nieces and nephews.

Kreider says: “It’s scary when you see the path they (Jon & Kate) are going with the kids.”

Kevin implores Jon and Kate to “give them their childhood back. Don’t air family major decisions on television, especially as teasers… just for ratings.”

Watch our entire exclusive interview with Kevin and Jodi Kreider!

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