WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Thai Newspaper Publishes Photo of Carradine Hanging; Family Outraged

David Carradine’s family is horrified that a photo has been published that shows the dead actor hanging, has learned exclusively.

A tabloid newspaper in Thailand published the photo Saturday, shadowing much of the body, but still showing explicit details of the death scene.

Attorney Mark Geragos represents David’s brother Keith Carradine and he told exclusively: “The family is outraged about the release of these photos.”

He added that he will legally go after any publication for invasion of privacy and emotional distress if the photos are run in the United States.

Carradine, 72, was in Bangkok making a film at the time of his death. Sources close to the actor have told that he had a history of engaging in auto-erotic asphyxiation, a sexual practice that often involves a rope around the neck.

The shocking published photo shows Carradine with his hands tied in front of him, hanging from the support bar in a closet.

Tattoos on the lower half of his nude body can be seen.

Discoloration of the skin on the lower extremities indicates he had been dead for hours before being found, according to people familiar with the situation.

Earlier today, Thai police told RadarOnline exclusively that autopsy results are weeks away.

(Photo: Splash News)


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