WORLD EXCLUSIVE: David Carradine’s Ex-Wife Remembers The Good Times

Gail Jensen, the third wife of late actor David Carradine, recalled her lighter days with the Kung Fu star, who died last week in a mysterious incident in Bangkok, Thailand.

“We made 50 films together,” she said, noting she was a reliable presence at the late actor’s side on the sets in which he worked throughout their marriage.

The one Carradine film she didn’t like: Kill Bill.

“No way,” she said with a laugh.

She reiterated her beliefs that Carradine was a good — albeit, complex — man fueled by his artistic muse. He just wanted to write his book, play his piano and make music, she said.

Jensen, with a sad sentimentality resonating through her voice, recalled a fab night with her beloved ex.

“We had dinner with Paul McCartney in London,” she said, with the dusty surroundings of her Central California home in the background.

She said she still sees her ex, who she described as a “fabulous husband” in her dreams, and in the sky.

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