Vivica Fox On Carradine Death: "He Did Not Seem Like The Person That Would Take His Own Life"

Hollywood is mourning the sudden death of legendary actor David Carradine, perhaps best know for his roles in the 70s cult classic Kung Fu and most recently, for the Kill Bill movies.

Vivica Fox, who starred opposite Carradine in the Kill Bill films exclusively told that Carradine “lived a very full and charmed life,” and that she doesn’t know “what demons may have been battling him towards the end, but I would have never, ever thought that he would kill himself. I find that to be almost unbelievable that he hung himself. He did not seem like the person that would take his own life. It just seems so out of character.”

The actress  found out about the news while in Miami for a party for her new show The Cougar.

Fox called Carradine “amazing” and said she feels “like God has called back one of his angels a little sooner than we all expected, and he will be truly missed. I will miss his stories, his smiles and his kind eyes.”

(Photo: Getty Images)

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