VIDEO: Paris Hilton Makes Out with Star Soccer Stud

Paris Hilton has officially found her rebound guy in hard-bodied soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo, who this morning was traded to Spain’s Real Madrid soccer team for $126 million.

What a difference a day makes!

Just yesterday we reported that Hilton dumped reality TV hangabout Doug Reinhardt, which she celebrated by hitting Hollywood’s club MyHouse where she was “hot and heavy making out with Christian at his table,” a source tells

With Hilton’s sister in tow, the group left the night spot and headed back to Nicky’s house (which neighbors Reinhardt’s pad). Ronaldo wasn’t spotted leaving until 5 a.m.  Check out our video,where Ronaldo is spotted leaving at 5 a.m.

So how is Doug taking the news?

“Doug continues to call Paris non-stop, crying,” our insider says.

(Photo: WENN)

(Video: Splash News/X17 Online)

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