REPORT: Nanny Routinely Pumped Michael Jackson’s Stomach

In an explosive new interview with the longtime nanny to Michael Jackson‘s three children, a new report suggests that the late pop star routinely mixed dangerous drugs and required his stomach be pumped.

“I had to pump his stomach many times. He always mixed so much of it,” nanny Grace Rwaramba told UK’s The Sunday Times.

“It” being a lethal cocktail of up to eight drugs a day, including three painkillers, the report said.

“There was one period that it was so bad that I didn’t let the children see him,” the 42-year-old nanny said.

“He always ate too little and mixed too much.”

Rwaramba was employed with Jackson for over a decade, starting as an office assistant.

Of his dangerous behavior with drugs, she claims she reached out unsuccessfully to family members like Katherine and Janet Jackson to stage an intervention. Jackson instead revolted against the woman whom his children had come to know as their mother, accusing her of betrayal.

“He didn’t want to listen,” she said.

Jackson died Thursday afternoon, allegedly after a shot of demerol, a synthetic form of morphine.



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