President Obama Dragged Into Miley’s Discrimination Lawsuit

Just when you thought it was safe to forget about the lawsuit blasting Miley Cyrus for racial insensitivity–President Barack Obama has been dragged into the legal mess.

Lucie J. Kim, who sued Cyrus over pictures of the singer using her fingers to slant her eyes, says Miley can’t get off the hook that easy–she’s a global brand and must be held accountable.

Using evidence like her performance at the inauguration of President Barack Obama, as well as appearances on major syndicated television shows those of Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walter, Kim claims that its not Miley the girl she wants justice from, its Miley, Inc.

“Destiny Hope Cyrus aka Miley Cyrus is a ‘business establishment’ within the scope of the Unruh Civil Rights Act,” the papers state.

A hearing is scheduled for tomorrow in Los Angeles, Ca.

Click here to check out the court papers!

(Photo: Wenn)

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