Only On Radar: Drew & Justin’s Disney Date

Further fueling their on-and-off romance, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long spent a rambunctious and romantic day at Disneyland on Tuesday. spies saw the pair and two pals tearing through the Magic Kingdom, being led by a tour guide and even locking hands!

“They were really excited and acting like kids,” the source says of the pair, “holding hands and acting all lovey-dovey.”

“Their friends were dressed up as Indians and [Drew] and Justin were dressed like pirates. She had a mustache drawn on her face!” the source adds.

The two were even snapping personal photos on rides like the Paradise Pier roller coaster, before climbing on and sitting next to one another.

Barrymore has described Long as “the most compassionate person I’ve ever met.”

The pair officially split in July of last year, but have been linked repeatedly since.

(Photo: WireImage)

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