NEW PHOTO: Meet Susan Boyle, Picasso-Style

Susan Boyle never could have dreamed of this.

The 48-year-old Scottish spinster, whose renditions of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ on Britain’s Got Talent gained her worldwide fame (in seemingly record-time), is the subject of a cubism-inspired acrylic painting, courtesy of French artist/Scotland resident Laetitia Guilbaud.

“For me, even though she is not the most attractive lady in the world, she has come into the spotlight recently with her beautiful voice and singing talent,” the artist told “I felt obliged to paint her in my style and give her a bit of ‘Je ne sais quoi’ and make her more sexy and appealing in a physical way to go with her voice and also wanted to reveal a wild side to her now that she is a celebrity.” (Photo: Splash News)

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